The account of a moth mother III

Signs you are more moth than woman, but still a woman (and what to do next):

this body of yours might not be entirely yours. can you hear anyone speaking inside your head? who is she? what does she say? even if you hear her do not listen to her. this is your body now, you own it. you thought you’re going to stay only for the first week, then the first month, but now you’re staying

you sleep in the day, resting on a soft mattress in a dark bedroom. you wake up a little, maybe cry for your mother, then return to your deep sleep until dusk. welcome to this new dimension. still, you’re not sure, but you’re flowering. wait

when you touch yourself and put your fingers inside, you take them out covered in nectar. taste yourself. see? I am never wrong about these things

Annulet, Blair’s mocha, crimson speckled, dark bordered beauty, Essex emerald, feathered gothic, gypsy moth, heat rivulet, July belle, Kentish glory, light orange underwing, marbled clover, northern rustic, oak processionary, purple thorn, riband wave, scarlet tiger, true lover’s knot, vaporeur, welsh clearwing, yellow horned. one for almost each letter, but there are many others. go and see for yourself

your mother is the moon. she always feeds her nocturnal children. her heart is the size of Betelgeuse or some other red giant, burning energy. we are gathering around the moon every night. motte, motti, mot. you must join us at the big event. our mother awaits

the man you’re sharing your bed with must think you’re a feral woman, nocturnal animal. on all those nights when you escape let him think you’re wild. this is our secret, don’t tell anyone, they might not like it

waxing gibbous, then full moon. our mother will be there to greet us. we will all join together. the world is dark already and we’ll make it lighter

a week from Friday, hear my call. you must prepare yourself, these are exciting times for all moth women

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